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Welcome to Bamboozle Wiki, your single Source for all our Products and Solutions.
We also regularly post Tutorials for key solutions for Cloud Computing and Web Services.

Latest News and Updates

Our tutorials, gaining up to 1000 hits per day on our website are now also available directly in our WIKI. This helps you to easily find a certain topic you are looking for and also offers a convenient way to export the tutorials. You can directly export any tutorial to a PDF or Word File.

While we will be publishing our tutorials as part of our news and blog section on, we will be making each available in the WIKI.

We are proud to be the first provider in the region who is not only a 100% sharing the status of its services, but also that we are launching a new service helping us to do that and keep our users better informed. is our new real-time Service Availability Tracker that helps you to see the status of all our services, our maintenace and upgrade plans and the overall status of our systems.

So have a look and subscribe - all updates are pushed to you in real-time when they happen.


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