Connecting to virtual machines


  • Virtual machines are created, as described in Creating virtual machines.

  • To be able to connect via SSH, the virtual machine must have cloud-init and OpenSSH installed.

To connect to a virtual machine via the VNC console

Select a VM, and then click Console on its right pane. The console will open in a separate browser window. In the console, you can send a key combination to a VM, take a screenshot of the console window, and download the console log (refer to Troubleshooting virtual machines).

To connect to a virtual machine via SSH

During the launch an instance, a default user will be created, and this user will have no password set. Instead, your SSH key is copied to the VM and you will be able to login to the machine via SSH using the default username. The default username varies between Operating Systems. Here are the usernames for our official distributions:

Connect to Linux Instances

DistributionUser Name

Rocky Linux


Ubuntu Linux


CentOS Linux


Debian Linux


Alma Linux


Specify the username and VM IP or Elastic IP address in the SSH terminal:

# ssh <username>@<VM_IP_address>

Linux cloud images have the default login, depending on the operating system, for example, centos or ubuntu. To connect to a Windows VM, enter the username that you specified during Cloudbase-Init installation.

If you have deployed a VM without specifying an SSH key, you also need to enter a password to log in to the VM.

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