Webmail Login

When you Sign In, you enter your username and password and select the version you want to use. You can select to use the default client, or change the client version.

Contact your Company administrator for the login URL and credentials.

Figure 1. Zimbra 9 login page The Web Client has two versions — Modern and Classic. A Default option also appears in the version drop-down. After login, you can choose either Modern or Classic to be the default client.

  1. Type the URL in a browser’s address bar.

  2. Enter your username in the Username field.

  3. Enter the password in the Password field.

  4. Choose Modern from the Version drop-down to experience the all new Zimbra 9 email.

  5. Check the box Stay signed in to avoid entering your password each time you launch Zimbra 9.

  6. Click Sign In to login.

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