Credit Card Refunds

How a refund works

After you or we initiate a refund, our Payment Processor submits refund requests to your customer’s bank or card issuer. You will see the refund as a credit approximately 5-10 business days later, depending upon the bank. If you do not see the refund in the mentioned time following in your account following can be the reason:

  • Refunds issued shortly after the original charge appear in the form of a reversal instead of a refund. In the case of a reversal, the original charge drops off theyour statement, and a separate credit is not issued.

  • Refunds can fail if the customer’s bank or card issuer has been unable to process it correctly. The bank returns the refunded amount to us and we add it back to your account balance. This process can take up to 30 days from requesting the refund.

In a case where you do not see your refund in the mentioned timeline and the above points do not apply, we can provide you the Acquirer Reference Number (ARN) corresponding to the refund. An ARN is a unique number assigned to a card transaction as it moves through the payment flow. You can then take the ARN to your bank, which will be able to provide more information about when the refund will be available. ARNs are available under the following conditions:

  • They’re only supported for Visa and Mastercard transactions.

  • It takes 1-3 business days after initiating the refund to receive the ARN from downstream banking partners.

  • An ARN isn’t available in the case of a reversal, since the original charge isn’t processed.

If you have further question please open a support ticket with us.

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