The Cyber Protect console

In the Cyber Protect console, you can manage workloads and plans, change the protection settings, configure reports, or check the backup storage.

The Cyber Protection console provides access to additional services or features, such as File Sync & Share or Antivirus and Antimalware protection, Patch management, Device control, and Vulnerability assessment. The type and number of these services and features vary according to your Cyber Protection license.

To check the dashboard with the most important information about your protection, go to Monitoring > Overview.

Depending on your access permissions, you can manage the protection for one or multiple customer tenants or units in a tenant. To switch the hierarchy level, use the drop-down list in the navigation menu. Only the levels to which you have access are shown. To go to the management portal, click Manage.

The Devices section is available in simple and table view. To switch between them, click the corresponding icon in the top right corner.

The simple view shows only a few workloads.

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