Keyboard Shortcuts

Zimbra supports keyboard shortcuts; to see what shortcuts are defined, type Ctrl+Q. The available keyboard shortcuts are context-sensitive. Ctrl+Q displays different shortcuts depending on whether you have selected mail, calendar, or contacts.

Shift and Ctrl help you select contiguous or non-contiguous emails, respectively.

Keyboard Shortcuts During Input

While providing input, e.g. "Add Event" dialog:

  • Tab moves to next element

  • Shift+Tab moves to previous element

  • Command+C or Ctrl+C to Copy

  • Command+X or Ctrl+X to Cut

  • Command+V or Ctrl+V to Paste

  • Commmand+Z or Ctrl+Z to Undo

  • Commmand+Shift+Z or Ctrl+Shift+Z to Redo

Mac users should consider enabling full keyboard access See Use your keyboard like a mouse with Full Keyboard Access

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