Dynamic installation and uninstallation of components

For Windows workloads protected by agent version 15.0.26986 (released in May 2021) or later, the following components are installed dynamically – that is, only when required by a protection plan:

  • Agent for Antimalware protection and URL filtering – required for the operation of the antimalware protection and URL filtering features.

  • Agent for Data Loss Prevention – required for the operation of the device control features.

  • Acronis Cyber Protection Service - required for the operation of the antimalware protection.

By default, these components are not installed. The respective component is automatically installed if a workload becomes protected by a plan in which any of the following modules is enabled:

  • Antivirus & Antimalware protection

  • URL filtering

  • Device control

Similarly, if no protection plan requires antimalware protection, URL filtering, or device control features anymore, the respective component is automatically uninstalled.

Dynamic installation or uninstallation of components takes up to 10 minutes after you change the protection plan. However, if any of the following operations are running, dynamic installation or uninstallation will start after this operation finishes:

  • Backup

  • Recovery

  • Backup replication

  • Virtual machine replication

  • Testing a replica

  • Running a virtual machine from backup (including finalization)

  • Disaster recovery failover

  • Disaster recovery failback

  • Running a script (for Cyber Scripting functionality)

  • Patch installation

  • ESXi configuration backup

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