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The left pane of the email window contains the following folders.


Whenever someone sends you an email, it comes straight to your Inbox. Click this folder to view your incoming emails. You can also right-click this folder to create subfolders.


Mails that you have written and saved — or which Zimbra saved while you were composing them — but not yet sent appear under drafts folder.


When you send an email to someone, it appears in your sent folder. You can right-click this folder to create subfolders.


Zimbra moves all the unwanted or spam emails here to keep them out of your Inbox.


All deleted emails are moved to this folder until you Empty the Trash, permanently delete, or move to another folder to keep.


Sometimes, you may want a folder for storing specific emails. All such folders are listed here.

Saved Searches

If you create a search that you want to use again, you can save it. The saved searches are listed here.


It also lists your tags that other emails may carry. Clicking a tag lists all emails in the email pane, carrying that tag. You can also create a custom tag.

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